Friday, 27 February 2015


         You know God loves us so much he's never going to "force" us to do anything. This beautiful gift he has given us is called agency. Agency is the ability to choose right or wrong. We can choose God ie good things that uplift and edify ourselves as well as others, or we can choose the Devil ie captivity, addiction, sin, and death. At first glace you thing wow, these choices are a no brainer. Why would anyone in their right mind ever choose captivity, death, sin, addiction?? I've got a few theories. Yes I've definitely made the wrong choices in my life, when confronted with the two decisions I've more times than I wish to remember I've chosen the wrong. I can completely relate. First I know that the devil is a crafty dude. He's never going to be really obvious with things at first. He works in very subtle ways. One of his favorite things in my opinion is to make things sin seem harmless. If he can make you think that what you're doing is "harmless" or "not a big deal" he will succeed. Sin can never be justified. EVER. So when we start trying to justify our actions because we think they really are harmless we will most likely always  make the wrong choices. Take a step back and look at the world today. What does the "world" tell you is harmless, or "not a big deal?" Second I think Satan is really good when it comes to applying temptation proportionally. He usually starts with the very small things and than once that ball is rolling his influence over you becomes greater. To combat this we need to be aware! The spirit is a great indicator. I was told once that the greatest thing we can accomplish here on earth is to be under the complete influence of the Holy Ghost. I know he will never lead us astray! Before those small things even start he'll help direct us away from them! Think of that blessing. The devil would have no power over you zip, nadda, nothing if we are constantly standing in holy places with the spirit of God.

         Sometimes the right choices aren't necessarily the most "fun" option. You know who wouldn't want to go out and do whatever they wanted and not be accountable for it?? The world has some appealing things to the natural man side of us! I promise you this right now though, you'll never experience true joy in riotous living. Our eternal spirit clings to deity. Our eternal maker designed true happiness only through him! Now if you don't believe me that's fine. I can really only state my opinion right? I will however invite you to try it out. Experience it for yourself. Commit yourself 100% and see how you can change your life for the better! You get out only what you put into it! God speed brothers and sisters!!

Elder Mitch Wilkes

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Whole Hearted Missionary

             I believe the key to successful missionary work is to be sincere and genuine. A question we must ask ourselves often is, "do I look at missionary work as only an obligation, or do I focus on the opportunity?" The obligation side of missionary work was a result in becoming a member of the Church. The scriptures validate this in Mosiah 18: 8-10

and now, as ye are desirous to come into the fold of God, and to be called his people, and are willing to bear one another’s burdens, that they may be light;
 Yea, and are willing to mourn with those that mourn; yea, and comfort those that stand in need of comfort, and to stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places that ye may be in, even until death, that ye may be redeemed of God, and be numbered with those of the first resurrection, that ye may have eternal life—
 10 Now I say unto you, if this be the desire of your hearts, what have you against being baptized in the name of the Lord, as a witness before him that ye have entered into a covenant with him, that ye will serve him and keep his commandments, that he may pour out his Spirit more abundantly upon you?

           Now that we have established ALL members of the church have the obligation to be a missionary lets separate the whole hearted missionaries from the task driven missionaries. The whole hearted missionary sees missionary work as an opportunity to help others come to Christ. (Mosiah 28: 2-3) Whole hearted missionaries are sincere, they desire the welfare of all souls because the love Christ, and their fellow men. Whole hearted missionaries don't find missionary work a burden, rather their joy comes from helping others discover their divine potential. Whole hearted missionaries emulate Christ. They have "felt to sing the song of redeeming love," and desire others the same blessing. Christ isn't just spoken by whole hearted missionaries, but is seen in the countenance of the individual. Do we see the pattern here? Christ-like love separates a whole hearted missionary from the rest. Successful missionaries serve because they love Christ. They've taken the obligation they've made at baptism and earnestly seek out opportunities to serve others.


Thursday, 5 February 2015

I Am Christian

Who has the authority to  define Christianity other than Christ himself? I believe true followers of Christ represent him in all things. It's not enough to say, "Lord I believe." and than do little to nothing because of it. When we truly accept Christ we will do the works of Christ. Christ exemplified love, therefore if we are truly Christian we will love ALL men. Not to be selective, because Christ wasn't selective. Not to be somebody that puts down others, because Christ never put down others. Christ is love. If we don't love, we are not true Christians. The world today needs more doing and less saying. I believe true Christians don't talk the talk, they walk the walk. People that will take up their cross and follow Christ till the end. I love Christ, I will follow him to the best of my ability. I know I'm not perfect, I'm far from it, but I do know that his grace is sufficient for me to become perfect. If being a Mormon doesn't qualify me as a "Christian" to the world, so be it. When did the worlds opinion matter? Christ knows my heart, he knows me perfectly and he is the true judge. He truly knows those who took upon themselves his name, and lived as he lived. I love being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I will remain a member for eternity. I have felt the Holy Spirit confirm to me the truthfulness of the gospel and I cannot deny it. I will not deny it! My name is Mitch Wilkes I'm a Mormon, and I am Christian.